Traekam: About


Company Overview

Don’t pay advertisers, pay your followers. Welcome to Traekam, the self-promotion platform that provides an on demand solution for rewarding followers. We are dedicated to helping those in the creative industries leverage their greatest marketing asset, followers. Our online platform provides the ability to create advertisements using any URL, which can be shared all around the web.

Our platform provides a dependable way to pay your followers rather than large corporations; after all, followers are one of the greatest marketing assets, so why not incentivize them for supporting?

To create an ad, simply copy and paste any URL link such as a video, audio, photo, the options are endless. The link provided will be converted into an attractive and ready to use display. After entering a short description and tags, add the incentive. Place money on ad and publish! When a follower shares the ad, he or she gets paid per click received. This payment is taken out of the money initially placed on the ad until it runs out. Then recharge it, or create a new one!

Traekam is quickly evolving into the primary self-promotion platform for rewarding followers. We are here to provide a fresh approach to online marketing and a platform that lets followers become your strongest promotional channel.

Check out the Explainer Video below to get a more in depth look at how Traekam can help you.

Company Core Values


Promote constant innovation, self-improvement, entrepreneurial success, and originality.


Seek to be driven, careful but persistent, hardworking, and dynamic.


Honest, openness, and authentic in all areas of performance.


Set clear goals, listen deeply, and honor the best ideas.


Moral decision making while leading with positive emotional intelligence.


Be yourself and bring joy to those around you.

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