Traekam: FAQs


What Does Traekam Do?

Traekam provides a way to create custom advertisements and place monetary value on them for supporters to earn. Our platform has the ability to track advertisements across the web and the amount of clicks each follower receives.

Invest in followers rather than paying corporations promotional dollars. With our custom built website, we are able to track your ads across the web and pay out followers who shared the advertisements and received clicks. The amount earned per click is set by the Ad Creator. To be a follower, ad creator, or both, you must be a member on Traekam.

When Was The Company Founded, And What Is Its Mission?

Traekam was founded in the summer of 2015. In the beginning stages of Traekam, we initially wanted to build a platform for artists from all walks of life to connect and cut out any unnecessary expenses when it came to promoting. Our new platform derives from better understanding a vital marketing tool to help those in the Creative Industries, which is leveraging followers. Traekam’s mission is to provide an easy-to-use marketing tool that opens the door to reaching followers and relying on them as a resource.

Does This Idea Exist Anywhere Else?

Good question. The idea of “affiliated marketing” exists but has never been applied so directly or efficiently using everyday online promotional tools. Good thing we thought of it, huh?

How Often Do I Get Paid Out?

The money you make on Traekam will be available to you after you receive a minimum of $1.00. At that time you will have the option to withdrawal your earnings directly to your PayPal account.

What Happens When I Cancel My Ad With Money Still On It?

Once you create an ad and place monetary value on it, that ad will remain active for seven days until you have the option to cancel or delete it. After the seven-day period, if you choose to cancel or delete it, any remaining balance will be deposited back into your PayPal account.

We will also notify any members/supporters who previously shared your ad that you have cancelled or deleted it. So by giving the option to get your money back you run into the issue of paying PayPal twice. Once for withdrawing their money, the other for giving it back. In order to avoid this you may want to think about keeping their money as credit before actually accepting the transaction, until the users on the other side (who share the post) actually earn the money, then the transaction would be final. This may or may not complicate things, but would save your customers money. Is it worth it? You decide.

Why Will This Work For Me?

This new technique of self-promotion will be effective for you because now, you place the power of marketing in the hands of your greatest marketing asset, followers. Those who already support you or want to support you, now have an incentive to be even more of a resource. Plus, you can make money too!

Is There A Maximum Amount of Ads I Can Share or Create?

Hmm… let us think about that… Nope!

Is There A Minimum Amount of Money I Am Allowed To Place on a Single Ad? Maximum?

The minimum amount of money required to place on a single ad is $5.00. This is to protect the integrity of yourself and the other members who support you when sharing the ad. There is no maximum amount.

What Are Some New Features In Development?

  • Allow Ad Sharers to convert earnings into Ad Money.
  • Deeper analytics for each individual ad.
  • Allow Ad Sharers to subscribe to Ad Creators for immediate updates.
  • Provide rewards for your fans other than monetary gain.

Have a suggestion? Let us know on at our feedback form.

What is the Meaning of Life?

If you figure it out, tweet at us! @traekam